They are even beginning to rue its presence a little as evidenced by the many funny anecdotes we hear about the various digital assistants performing in very unintended ways. From Alexa creepily laughing for no apparent reason at all to it sending people’s recorded private conversation to some other user, there have been questions raised about their very desirability. That being stated, there seems to be a gradual realization that IoT and the various devices it empowers are soon going to be as ubiquitous as smartphones. Let us take a look at the various uses to which IoT is going to be put soon:

IoT is largely talked about in the context of how it impacts us personally what with all that talk about autonomous smart homes taking decisions for us. But it is in its industrial application that IoT might show its true worth. A digitally connected factory, for instance, can use IoT to transmit real-time operations information to an operations manager at another location. This will lead to a far more efficient monitoring and resolution of operations-related issues than is currently possible.


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